So So So Scandalous saw the return of Claire Voyant the Investigator.


For this installation and performance, she was investigating one of the most notorious thefts in art history at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. Through extensive internet research, Claire came to her own conclusions about what happened that night, on March 18th 1990. During the performance, she typed up facts about the heist entwined with events happening in the gallery.


The noise of the typewriter was amplified, and set alongside a backing track. This was produced by NOSAAppollo, and samples Scandalous by Mis-Teeq against a 90’s rnb beat, and features Claire Voyant saying selected phrases from the investigation reports.


Tied to the typewriter spelling out ‘SCANDAL’ were strings and pearls that moved when these keys were pressed.


So So So Scandalous (2016)

ArtSmart Contemporary, Space W10, Kensington