I got ur back (2016)

JakBox Studio, Camden


Group exhibition of works by myself, Alice Steffen and Frank Harris.

I presented a new series of works that playfully explore the unexpected histories of Camden. Weaving together disco culture and market stalls, tubes and the river thames, ghost stories and rnb music, I constructed an unorthodox narrative; suspended between the real and the imagined.

The Disco Fruit and Veg Cart


The Disco Fruit & Veg Cart is an investigation both into my family history and the feeling you get when walking through Camden Market. When journeying through, bright lights, noise and an overwhelming and intense environment engulf you.


Next to the cart is an original bag from my great granddad’s greengrocers in London called H.G.Orme & Son.


Through dismantling personal and local chronologies and assembling a new narrative, the piece oscillates the viewer into an imagined future.

15 July 2011, 7.20am



This work visualises a recording from the London Sound Survey (www.soundsurvey.org.uk) through burning the sound wave pattern into paper. The recording was made at the Regents Canal in Camden, and is of a train heading north from Euston station.


It represents an exploration into The Stone Tape Theory, which suggests that the structural framework of certain objects and locations can absorb energies and memories as time passes. Will the everyday sounds of London – trains, pigeons, and sirens – be one day embedded into the fabric of the city?

Yours to a cinder



In 1907, a murder took place in Camden Town. Emily Dimmock, a part-time prostitute who was cheating on her partner, was murdered in her home at Agar Grove. After sex, the man slit her throat open while she was asleep, then left in the morning. On a postcard found from the alleged killer to Emily asking to meet, he finished by writing ‘Yours to a cinder’.


Yours to a cinder investigates the murder, through taking the form of an RnB song. It features samples from the 1989 episode of the BBC series Shadow of the Noose: The Camden Town Murder and a vocal exploration of the phrase ‘yours to a cinder’. The duration is 3 minutes 11 seconds.


Produced by NOSA Appollo (soundcloud.com/nosaappollo)