Claire Voyant & The Ghouls (2016)

The Cells, Pop-Up Brighton, The Old Police Cells Museum

On 29.04.16, Claire Voyant & The Ghouls conducted a paranormal investigation of the bathroom in the Old Police Cells in Brighton.


What mysteries are hiding within the walls of the prison? Claire Voyant and the Ghouls uncovered the unseen – giving light to the invisible, and amplifying the silent.


The work stems from research into The Stone Tape Theory, which suggests that the structural framework of certain objects and locations can absorb energies and memories as time passes. Through personification and sonification, they attempted to unlock the landscape of mysteries hidden by the conventional methods of experiencing the world.


Using white and glow in the dark pens, Claire Voyant took rubbings of the space and then interpreted these as music on the violin. The other musicians, or Ghouls, used their instrument – whether this be a hand drum, voice, mbira or other – to seek to awaken the energies hiding within the walls.


The audience were also invited to become a ghoul – there were instruments left within the space and visual scores for them to interpret.